The CMC, Inc. Team

Doug & Pamelah Carr, Owners

Doug and Pamelah Carr have owned CMC, Inc. for more than 20 years and have been at this location most of that time. 

Give Doug a call for any information about services, repairs and consignments 936-672-6939.

Harley Davidson Factory Trained Master Technician Jim Bryan

As a Harley Davidson Factory Trained Master Technician, Jim has 16 years experience.  He has worked with CMC for 1 year.

Detail Assistant,  Becky Draves

Becky is an all around asset to CMC.  She assists with detailing and keeping the bikes and the shop spotless.  She always has a great attitude, a smile on her face and, like Greg, CMC can count on her to help out whenever needed.

Metric Bike Technician, Donnie Pursley

Donnie has more than 40 years experience as a Metric Bike Technician and in his later years, has specialized in Honda Gold Wings.  He has worked with CMC 6 years.


Conroe Motorcycle Conversions

Expert Detailer, Greg Brown

As far as assistance, Greg is an expert detailer and helps by keeping the shop clean and bikes spotless.  He also helps CMC with pick up and delivery of bikes.  CMC can always count on him to have a great attitude, a smile on his face, and a willingness to help in all ways necessary.

ATV & Metric Bike Technician

Matt is a welder fabricator specializing in stainless steel and aluminum welding.  He also specializes in electrical trouble shooting on metric bikes as well as ATV's.